On the Road and Back

Once again, our conversation at the bar is being held in conjunction with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday weekly challenge. Linda has inadvertently made it easy for me, my buddy and Cheryl by telling us that: “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is 'empty/hollow.' Use one, use both, entirely up to... Continue Reading →

Thursday Doors – St. Augustine Sweat

Visiting St. Augustine, Florida involves flying into either Jacksonville or Daytona Beach, or connecting to a little airline flying scary little planes. I flew into Jacksonville, and I was kinda smug when I texted the temperature to my wife. It was 77°f (25°c) in Jacksonville but it was 92°f (33°c) in Connecticut – Ha! Well,... Continue Reading →

One-Liner Wednesday – Walk Pause Click

Most people who know me know to expect me to periodically stop to take a picture. Quite often, the subject will be a door, but cranes, birds, trains, construction sites, old cars, historic buildings, reflections of anything in anything, rivers, bridges, fire trucks, fire stations, signs, and the list goes on. Sometimes, apparently, this behavior... Continue Reading →

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