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Thursday Doors – At the Reservoir

About a year ago, I shared doors from the Saville Dam at the Barkhamsted Reservoir. That reservoir was built to help augment the water supply for the city of Hartford, Connecticut and as it grew and began its expansion into … Continue reading

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Walk Around the Water

I had a lazy weekend with an interesting choice. Walk around the reservoir with my daughter on a 68°f (20°c) Saturday under cloudy skies with a chance of rain, Or, take the walk on a sunny Sunday when the temps … Continue reading

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The Lost Cat

Yesterday, I offered a small puzzle for the cat lovers (of which I know there are several) in the community. I thought it was going to be pretty easy. Find the kitty. Or, don’t. Well, some of you found the … Continue reading

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A Peek Ahead – A look Around

A weekend hike yielded the raw material for several blog posts. A couple of them require some research. A couple are reserved for Thursdays ‘cuz, doors. But the hike itself is good to go. And, the best part, well, the … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors–Haddam Neck Fair

Today you’re going to have to use your imagination. I have a picture of doors, but they are open. Still, I think you can get the flavor of the building from the photo and I’m pretty sure you will all … Continue reading

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I Saved the Easy Hike for You

I don’t consider myself to be a serious outdoorsman, but I am familiar with hiking, cycling and camping. I am relatively physically fit and I enjoy being outside. Still, when my daughter asked me if I wanted to go on … Continue reading

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Urban Hike

Several weeks ago, I used the doors at the Riverside Park Boat House for my contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors series. In that post, I talked about how the Hartford Riverside Recapture agency has done a great job of bringing … Continue reading

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