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Mystery Blogger Award

Huh? Dan doesn’t do awards. Well, truth be told, Dan almost always does plans to thinks about doing wishes he had done – Oh, who am I kidding, Dan doesn’t do awards. So, why on earth is the first and … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – Dessert

Several weeks ago, I was up near Boston for a couple of days. The second day ended with an event that included food, so the first night was the one where I get to do my travel-meal-thing. Which is, eat … Continue reading

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Give ‘em What They Want

A friend of mine asked our waiter to wrap the leftover portion of her lunch. The waiter said “it’s pretty small.” My friend was taken aback and asked, in a little more demanding tone: “could you just wrap it to … Continue reading

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The Spring Thing

Check it out. There’s a day in the forecast where the temperature is going to be over 80° f. It hasn’t been over 80 degrees here since October 15th! That’s over 6 months ago. Not only that, but it was … Continue reading

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Hit the Road Winter

Last week, my wife saw a Robin in our yard. I think it was part of the advance team that came up to check things out. I’m sure he sent a text message back to the rest of the flock … Continue reading

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