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Have a Maddie Paddy Day

Most of you know that I don’t normally post on Fridays. Today is different. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted to cue up a few shots of Miss Maddie and one of her favorite toys. She wasn’t cooperating, … Continue reading

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How Can I Say No?

MiMi wants a fire. It was 8°f (-13.3°c) overnight, heading to a high of 31 and a low tonight of 7. Maddie wants to go for a walk. The temperature has risen into the teens, but the wind is gusting … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – Who’s a Happy Girl?

On Sunday morning, Maddie wanted to go for a walk. I was reluctant, because some people haven’t cleared their sidewalks, and I wasn’t in the mood to trudge. I tired playing with her instead. We played with her little soccer … Continue reading

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Angel Hair Among the Unanswered Questions

This was a really busy week at work, and on a couple of days, work slopped into not-work the way sauce slops off noodles sorry, pasta, onto your my shirt. My wife corrects me when I use ‘noodles’ when referring … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Winter Prep

New England is known for being the land of four seasons, but what isn’t often mentioned, is the degree to which those seasons overlap. People will be fertilizing their lawns, repairing and preparing their pools and preparing flower beds in … Continue reading

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Leaves, My Breath and MuMu

I saw my breath yesterday morning. I got to wear my Steeler hoodie for the first time this season. When I took Maddie on our walk, we saw leaves on the ground. It’s coming. Autumn is coming. Given the hot … Continue reading

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In and Interdependence

Since I tossed in an extra post, and since today is a holiday in the US, I’m going to go easy on the word count. I heard that “phew!” The gallery below includes a few photos from my recent walks … Continue reading

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