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Modern Lies

I have written about salespeople lying to me, too many times to link to. Still, it’s not only continuing, it’s getting worse. I expect lies about products and features: “This copier will meet all your copying and scanning needs forever.” … Continue reading

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One Liner Wednesday – No Worries

I used to think that the expression that drove me the craziest was “no problem.” People say “no problem” all the time when they should be saying “you’re welcome.” How hard is the “Thank you” – “You’re welcome” exchange? When … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – On Sale

“Those are on sale today, three for $19.99!” I loved hearing that. I was prepared to pay almost $20 for the two boxes I had just placed on the counter. It was like getting a third box for free. Yes, … Continue reading

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Nice Guys Finish…

If we were having a beer, you would start with a confession. “I left my wallet at home. Would you mind paying for everything today?” “I can do that, no problem.” “Thanks, you’re a nice guy.” “Sigh…” “What, what’s wrong … Continue reading

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Eight More Laws

I don’t know why Twitter decided to “notify” me that someone favorited a tweet of mine over 500 days ago but of course I had to look. I was writing about behaviors that should be banned. I had eight of … Continue reading

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Remembering a Different A-to-Z Challenge

Despite the fact that a bunch of my blog-buddies just passed the April A-to-Z challenge midpoint, I can’t say the phrase “A-to-Z” without remembering a meeting of the Home and School Association where the subject was fundraising. The subject was … Continue reading

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Which One of Us is Stupid

A few days ago, the receptionist at work came into my office to tell me that someone was on the phone for me. She quickly added that he said: “…he asked me to call him, but he isn’t picking up … Continue reading

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