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The New Menu Blues

If we were having a beer, we would both notice the new Specials Menu on the bar, but you would be less worried than me. “I think this will be OK. A little change is good now and then.” “I … Continue reading

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SoCS and SoCKs

Earlier this week, I stumbled across a blog from one of my periodic blog buddies. I don’t mean that sometimes we are buds and sometimes not, but she writes on a somewhat irregular schedule. Anyway, Jess posted a 10-minuted SoC … Continue reading

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Wipe Those Feets

Every morning that I get stuck with the duty have the privilege of taking Maddie out to make morning rounds, when we return to the porch I will tell her: “we have to wipe those feets.” Yes, Microsoft, I understand … Continue reading

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Oooh a Bonus Word

I mean, who can resist a bonus? Actually, this prompt arrived just in time to help me avoid a bonus. As of 8:00 AM, Friday, November 28, 2014, Amazon had sent me no fewer than 10 emails telling me about … Continue reading

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My Teams Sweep

Note: I don’t often focus on sports here but this was just so cool. I tried to include a few explanations for foreign readers and non-sports fans. Last Thursday evening, while packing for a road trip to Pittsburgh, I was … Continue reading

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The Cafe Car is Open

Two weeks ago, I was traveling by train to Washington, DC. Windsor Locks, a.k.a. my home base, is only the second stop on the train that originates in Springfield, MA and the café car isn’t always in operation when I … Continue reading

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I Still Miss My Dad

My father passed away 31 years ago this summer. It’s easy to remember because it’s the same year my wife and I were married. The last time we saw him was when he and my mom drove up from Pittsburgh … Continue reading

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