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Watch the Gap

I didn’t participate in SoCS and I miss the permission to ramble on. I was on the road last week, and, as often happens I’m caught with a hole in the schedule. I wrote the posts for last Wednesday and … Continue reading

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The Over-Exposed Power of Turnips

The title might not mean much to you, but it saved you from a recap of the conference I attended last week. I was going to try to wrap a story around Intelligent Information, or perhaps intelligent information managers – … Continue reading

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It’s a Man’s World at the Bar Today

If we were having a beer, I’d be trying to keep a secret from you. “I don’t think there’s a barman on duty today.” “Cheryl’s on duty. She’s probably in the back. Barman, what’s that all about?” “Sorry, I’m trying … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – Thanks Greta

“Please drive to the highlighted route” Yeah, I get it. I’m in a parking lot, and Greta, my GPS, won’t be able to help me until I can get to the main road. Of course, once I get to the … Continue reading

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If we were having a beer – Florida Vacation

“Cheryl, vacation boy is going to be buying the first round. I’ll have a glass of Meomi and, well, you know his choice.” “Oh, a little snarky, as if I’m boring, even though you drink the same wine all the … Continue reading

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Close the Door – Open Your Mind

I was on the road this past week. Not the whole week, but a good-sized chunk of it. It was one of those travel things that I do that involves meetings during the day and social functions in the evening. … Continue reading

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The Language of Travel Explained

I don’t travel a lot. Seriously, I know people who travel farther and way more often than I do. I once described myself as a Travel Wimp, and it’s still a good description. I check bags, schedule long, safe layovers … Continue reading

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