Thursday Doors – Windsor Locks Train Station

That’s the fourth and most obvious attempt at a title. I tried “potential doors” and I tried “zombie doors” and I gave serious thought to “the phoenix of doors” except, we actually have a building in Hartford that is The Phoenix Building, so… The problem with these doors is that they aren’t there. They are... Continue Reading →

Because Tomorrow May Be Different

I’ve been wondering if it’s the changing seasons, summer to autumn to winter in North America, that has a lot of the writers I follow thinking about conquering procrastination. Maybe it’s the approaching sedentary days of winter that has people eager to go out and do things “now, while we can!” Maybe, at least for some... Continue Reading →

Thursday Doors – The End of Shade

Way back in June 2015, I featured a few barns and some other photos from nearby Shade Tobacco farms. I’ll try not to repeat too much, but tobacco, grown under shade cloth, has been a staple of Connecticut’s agriculture industry for well over 100 years. Tobacco in general, was already being grown by Native Americans... Continue Reading →

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