Thursday Doors – Loomis or Chaffee?

I’m wondering how many of my regular readers saw the photo of the Windsor Historical Society building in Monday’s post and thought: “I bet he’s coming back to those doors on Thursday.” What can I say, I’m nothing if not predictable. The stone bridge’s birthday party will ultimately lead to three blog posts. There was... Continue Reading →

Thursday Doors – Windsor Green Part II

Last week, I featured some of the public-use buildings around the Windsor Connecticut Historic Green. An interesting fact about those buildings, is that most of them are not historic buildings. Only the original section of the Library is on the Registry of Historic Buildings. Ironically, the Green itself is on the Registry, and the buildings... Continue Reading →

Thursday Doors – Downtown Windsor

When I first started participating in Thursday Doors, what? You don’t know what Thursday Doors is. OK, let’s get this out of the way quick like a bunny: Thursday Doors is an amazing weekly blog-hop designed to placate the yearnings of people who simply must see, photograph and share photographs of doors. Our enabler-in-chief is... Continue Reading →

Thursday Doors – The End of Shade

Way back in June 2015, I featured a few barns and some other photos from nearby Shade Tobacco farms. I’ll try not to repeat too much, but tobacco, grown under shade cloth, has been a staple of Connecticut’s agriculture industry for well over 100 years. Tobacco in general, was already being grown by Native Americans... Continue Reading →

Thursday Doors – Windsor Freight Depot

Several months ago, I featured the Windsor, Connecticut Train Station for Thursday Doors. About 200 feet southeast of the train station is the Windsor Freight Depot. The depot was built by the Hartford and New Haven Railroad, to handle freight traffic, the volume of which was growing along the line. It’s unclear exactly when the... Continue Reading →

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