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It’s Not Failure

In 2005, I worked with an old friend to develop a training program for our company. We wanted a program that had clear objectives and a consistent feel. He developed a framework for a series of one-hour sessions that would … Continue reading

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Hand Crafted

Woodworking in the winter is a hit or miss hobby, but it always feels good to complete a winter project. December was unseasonably warm, so I was able to make a set of bookends to give to a friend for … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors–A Few Minutes at Grace Church

“We’re jammed up right now and my partner had to run an errand. Would you mind waiting about 15 minutes?” Normally, if you hear that request from the guy at the hardware store, you sigh and resign yourself to the … Continue reading

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Rip Slice Surface Shape Shave

I’m sneaking this post in on a Monday for those of you who enjoy reading about woodworking. This short study on how to go from boards to product is somewhat inspired by my blog-buddy Dan over on the other coast. … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors–Mission Closet Doors

Many of the closets in our house have floor-to-ceiling bypass sliding doors. The closets were built that way to save money during construction. The doors have some benefits and some drawbacks. One benefit is that it’s easy to add a … Continue reading

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Oh My God

I don’t usually use that expression. I’ll say “Oh my goodness” or just plain “Oh my” but I usually don’t bring God into the picture. I almost never do the “OMG” thing because I’m not sure God wants to be … Continue reading

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Cherished – Scroll Saw Project

The hardest part of this blogfest was narrowing the field of cherished objects down to a single item. The second hardest part was staying south of 500 words because WordPress counts the photo descriptions and, well, I do tend to … Continue reading

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