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What We Don’t Do Well

A recent breakfast conversation with my best friend, John, sent me digging in my drafts folder. I was convinced that this idea must exist in my notes. Well, not quite. I have a couple of ideas that come close, but, … Continue reading

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One-Liner Wednesday – Blessings

“I’ll be out sick today.” I am not sick very often. Even on some days when I don’t feel particularly good, I might simply decide to work from home. That option lets me stay comfy, and helps make sure I … Continue reading

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Looking Back? Forward?

The holidays are over. Here on No Facilities, I had some fun with my doors of the Twilight Zone and discussing resolutions at the bar. Now, it’s time to go back to work. Tomorrow begins the time of the year … Continue reading

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Happy Labor Day 2015

I wrote this post in 2012. This blog was slightly over a year old but had collected fewer views in 14 months than it usually does in one month today. I am re-posting this for three reasons. 1) I like … Continue reading

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Oh My God

I don’t usually use that expression. I’ll say “Oh my goodness” or just plain “Oh my” but I usually don’t bring God into the picture. I almost never do the “OMG” thing because I’m not sure God wants to be … Continue reading

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Behind the Quoted Price

I collected a few comments on my last post that hinted at the perceived high cost of professional trades-people. In general, people hate paying other people to do things. Whether it’s the plumber or the electrician or the guy doing … Continue reading

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Ditch Digger

If we were having a beer, I would order the first round, and you would start in on me right away. “What’s the do-it-yourself vacation boy doing these days?” “I’ve been installing drain tile and a small drywell to take … Continue reading

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