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Welcome Back (Football)

If we were having a beer you would be chomping at the bit to switch the conversation to your topic. “Pitt? How many teams do you support and how much team gear do you own? And, if I may add, … Continue reading

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Poetry and Me

I have been transparent about the fact that I like poetry. I follow a number of poets, and I’ve hinted about an interesting (to me) relationship with poetry in several other posts. I’ve mentioned in several comments, that I might … Continue reading

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It’s Been a While Since You Gave Us Money

As I look in my “stupid things charities do” folder, I’m at a loss as to where to start this post. I do know where to end though. I’m going to end on a good note, so either skip down … Continue reading

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But It’s Hash Day

My blog buddy Dan lives on the west coast, but recently wrote about menu malfunctions in Poland, China and Mexico. He kinda-sorta implied that such things wouldn’t happen here in the good old USofA. He might be right. I don’t … Continue reading

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Good Advice – Part Two

After the advice I talked about in Part One, I wound up at West Virginia University (WVU) having only lost credit for freshman English. I would have also lost credit for Phys-Ed (PE) if I hadn’t managed to fail that … Continue reading

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Good Advice–Part One

My college and career preparation process was one of trial and error. Heavy on the errors. I was one of four children within my generation who went to college – the first four from either side of our family tree. … Continue reading

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My Teams Sweep

Note: I don’t often focus on sports here but this was just so cool. I tried to include a few explanations for foreign readers and non-sports fans. Last Thursday evening, while packing for a road trip to Pittsburgh, I was … Continue reading

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