Thursday Doors – Weekly Recap

Note: This page is not refreshed until after the posting deadline (noon Saturday) for Thursday Door has passed. Typically, the page will be refreshed Saturday night or Sunday morning. Until then, to see the current crop of doors, visit No Facilities and open the most recent Thursday Doors post.

I am experimenting with this page. My hope is to find a nice way to display the links to the recent week’s doors posts so that people don’t have to flip through my entire comment stream to catch the doors that arrive later on Thursday and on Friday and Saturday. I will likely be working on this page off and on for a while. Subscribers will be (were) notified the first time I publish(ed) it, but I’m not sure if I will always push an update out to everyone.

For now, please consider this a work in progress. I’m hoping to make this process as automatic as possible. If I can do that, I would like to update the page on Sundays, and promote it in social media. I appreciate the effort people put into their Thursday Doors post, and I’d like to find an easy way to promote their work.

There are a couple duplicates in this table. Like I said, it’s a work in progress.

I don’t plan to leave comments open on this page, but they are open now for any thoughts you might have regarding the concept. The links are either formed from the pingbacks, or the author’s blog name. By the way, the links all open in new windows.

Thursday Doors February 18 – 20
Photos by Gordon
Thursday Doors – Another peep at Bungay, Suffolk
Roberta Writes
Dr Alfred Prunesquallor 
Thursday doors…getting high on doors | This, that and the other thing
This That and the Other Thing
The Bloggler
Doors with small windows – Geriatri’x’ Fotogallery
Somewhere in France (again). – Pictures without film.
My Vintage Cameras
Thursday Doors – The Old Church | Jean Reinhardt
Jean Reinhardt
Lins Doodles
Manja Mexi Mexcessive
Telephone Museum/ThursdayDoors – Katy Trail Creations
Marian Allen, Author Lady
That Travel Lady In Her Shoes
THURSDAY DOORS – messy gardener blog
Messy Gardener Blog
Patricia Furstenberg
Dreaming Existence
Thursday Doors | No Fixed Plans
My Camera & I
Thursday Doors Reflecting – priorhouse blog
Thursday Doors | Natsukashi Kansai
Doors by the Beach – My Camera & I
Natural adventures
The Ford at Winsford – Brashley Photography
Thursday Doors – old plane door | tbl
Fripp-Lowden House
undiscoverdimagesamongstus2 – Photos by Gordon


    1. The time commitment is a big concern, Frank. I started this three times, but each effort required more time each week than I was prepared to give. I’m going to explain the details tomorrow in a post that I hope doesn’t bore you to death.

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  1. Seems like the photos of the doors themselves are the key here? You should be able to build a WordPress page which pulls all the posts with a tag (“doors”?) and displays exactly what you want from each.

    Well, that’s the techie answer, anyway.

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    1. Thanks Marc. I have thought of that, but, for the moment, I don’t have unlimited storage on this blog. Each image I bring in hits my storage. It’s not a huge cost to step up to unlimited (it is double what I’m paying) but there are other considerations. For that kind of investment, I could move to my own site – that’s more work but it offers more flexibility. What I really want to do is encourage people to visit the other sites. As I consider the options, I feel like I’m in one of those design meetings (with the various voices in my head).

      Pop in tomorrow as I explain the kludge of operations necessary to make this work as well as it does. That is much more the work in progress from the techie perspective.


        1. The posts all include images, but they are in the blogger’s page. If I snag one here, even in a link, it gets stored in my storage. the same thing happens if I reblog a post. The images from that post are copied into my storage. All I have on my site on Thursday is my doors and a link to the other participants.


  2. Any approach that’s best for you, is good by me. I often participate in Colleen Chesebro’s poetry prompts. You might look at how she manages it: Basically, when participants post their poem to their own website, they then add that link to Colleen’s website via a simple signup. Colleen doesn’t have to do anything with our links, though she visits each participant’s website. Good luck with this, Dan. 😊

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    1. Thanks Gwen. I appreciate the response and the link. As I recall, Norm began with a “linky” list, and several people were reluctant to sign-up. I also found this to be the case when I helped organize the Cherished Blogfest. I’m trying to get the benefits of a list like that, without asking people to sign up (I do have a Linky account) and without my having to go crazy.

      I’ve got this at a point that it’s easy for me. I hope to gather some feedback and see if I can make it more useful to the participants. If it works, I will see what I can do to improve it. I really appreciate your feedback.


  3. I think it is a great idea, although as others have said, a good bit of work on your part. As long as you have the bandwidth to do the work, it is a gracious and kind way to publicize on social media. I am interested in reading your post on the intricacies involved.

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    1. Thanks Maggie. Right now, I have a technical kludge, but I can prepare the list in about 10 minutes. I think I can make it even easier. I might be able to make it a little more informative, without much more work. I don’t mind doing the up front (one time) work, but I’m not interested in making this more this more than a 10-minute drill.


  4. I like it because it pulls everything together in one place, and you don’t need to find pingbacks amongst all the comments on the original post. When somebody leaves both a pingback and a comment with a link, it can really make the comments section a very long list to scroll through. Some readers have told me that it can be rather overwhelming when seeing so many comments on a post. I’m not sure how many people would have enough time to scroll through all the comments, but I know that some people do if the post is about a subject they have a real interest in.
    Can I get one thing straight, though? Is this a page or a post? I only ask because I’m not sure how many people actually visit the pages of a blog. My ‘about me’ page is a page and gets lots of hits, but only because that page is also my blog’s home page. However, the rest of the pages on my blog don’t get anywhere near as many visits. Just a thought, Dan. I hope it helps.

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    1. Thanks Hugh, I really appreciate this feedback. This is a page, and I realize what you just said about pages. I was surprised that even though I published for the first time today, there was no notification sent out by WordPress. I think I will probably have a short post like I used today, just to push out a reminder. Regular readers can ignore it, there won’t be any pictures or other information.

      There were 126 comments on the last post. Far too many to ask people to scroll through. I added the jump to the comment form to let people comment without having to scroll down, but that also means they miss the other TD Posts. It’s a trade0ff between my followers and the participants, which is never easy.

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      1. I completely forgot that WordPress doesn’t send out notifications when a new page has been published, Dan. However, if you’re going to send out a short post with a link to the page, that should do the trick. I wish you well with however you decide to approach this. I’m sure you’ll eventually find the perfect balance between followers and participants. As somebody who blogs about a wide range of subjects, I’ve got used to which followers will comment on certain posts. And, of course, we should never take it that followers will read and comment on every post we publish.

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    1. Thanks for adding that, Robbie. I think a simple “The Thursday Doors Recap is available” will work. People can ignore that just from the email. I don’t want to publish this as a post every week, because then I’ll be storing everything twice. This way, I can just delete and replace the table on that page.


  5. I don’t know if this counts as I am a door reader, not a door poster, but I like this idea, Dan. To my way of thinking, a lot of bloggers post where their photos were taken, so I don’t understand wanting to know where they are from…? Most of the time, if you respond to a readers pingback, I will take a look. Having them all in one place, after I read all the comments will be pretty cool. But you will post this the next day–when everyone has sent in their door photos?

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    1. You absolutely count, Lois! Part of the reason I want to do this is that Thursday Doors runs from midnight Thursday to noon Saturday. Since I already have a regular Saturday post, people posting doors on Saturday are hard pressed to get seen on my blog.

      I would either publish a short notice that the page was updated on Saturday night or Sunday morning. Nothing else to see in that post, just enough to get the notice out.

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  6. I like it because it’s an easy way to access all the posts for that week, but I don’t want you to have to spend more time than necessary. You already visit all the posts and I know from personal experience how long just that and commenting take in addition to keeping up with other blogs that aren’t TD participants.


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    1. I have this down to a very small amount of time, Janet. I enjoy the doors posts, and the others that I follow. I limit my overall time (I do end up ignoring a bunch of posts every day) but I think we all do that.

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  7. This is a fantastic idea, Dan. Generous and selfless. Hats off.

    I skimmed through the comments. How about a combination between a linky party (for the bloggers prepared to sign in and save you the trouble) and for the remainder of the links you could post them like this? At least you won’t have to do the entire work, which it will be substantial).

    Also, keeping to text only is a good idea,blog storage wise, as you said.

    Thank you!

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    1. Thanks Pat. The linky think is one more thing I have to schedule, and then I’d have to combine the lists of people would have to look in two places. Now that this process is basically automated, it’s very little work for me. It takes 10 minutes a week. That’s not bad.

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