Thursday Doors – Writing Challenge – 2022

The Second Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge began on March 31, 2022. The members of the Thursday Doors community have graciously contributed doors to be used as inspiration. Today, the writing phase begins!

The rules for participation are simple: If you are participating as an author, select a door from below as your inspiration. Create your post on your blog (if you don’t have a blog, email it to me). Paste a link to your entry in a comment on this post. Please include a reference to the photo contributor in your comment. You can copy the photos off this page. Easy-peasy! Feel free to tag your posts with #TDWC

Each week, on a somewhat uncertain schedule, I will transfer the links from the comments into a table on this page.

Writing entries can be contributed until midnight, May 31st 2022. Note: the last two doors are mine. I was using them to keep the gallery balanced, but they are fare game for writing.

The writing entries are starting to flow in. Link new ones in the comments, but to make it easier to read, I will be adding all entries to the table below. Inspirational photos are in the table below that.

Writing Entry URL Author / Blog
The October DoorHugh W. Roberts / Hugh’s Views & News
Tastetherainbowmethod two madness
Hair of the DogMarian Allen
Manja Discovers The Hidden Truthnope, not Pam
Lost LensDan Antion – No Facilities
Born on the BayouTeagan Geneviene – TeagansBooks
The petRoberta Writes
The Shrinking CottageDennyho – Thoughts Of An E’ville Woman
Dark and DeepMarian Allen
Under the RainbowJanis – Retirementally Challenged
Flashing on and Fading AwayTeagan Geneviene – TeagansBooks
Sam’s PlaceMaggie – From Cave Walls
Paint It Red!Cheryl – Dreaming Existence
How Lovely Grows This TreeDennyho – Thoughts Of An E’ville Woman
Shine OnMarian Allen
In Through the Blue DoorTeagan Geneviene – TeagansBooks
May 21.22: Coping, but barelyOddments – In search of story
Residence ConfirmedDan Antion – No Facilities
A Better WorldWayne – WrookieSchU
Asylum StreetSuzette – Suzette B’s Blog
UnemployedKerfe – method two madness
The Chairstacker of Black ForestManja – An Embarrassment of Riches
A MysteryManja – An Embarrassment of Riches
I doManja – An Embarrassment of Riches
Never Too OldMarian Allen
From “Through the Nethergate”Roberta Cheadle – Roberta Writes
Twist of FateYvette – Priorhouse Blog
May 31.22: Coping, but barelyMay 31.22: Coping, but barely
Those Two PagesDan – No Facilities
2022 – TDWC Writing Entries


  1. Hi Dan – Yvette Prior suggested I send you my recent post where I featured an iron gate which appears in Henry and Clara Ford’s estate a/k/a “Fair Lane” in Dearborn, Michigan. The post is not about doors per se. There is also a wooden door which you enter on one side to see the rose garden, where 10,000 rosebushes flourished back in the day. Because I am wordy, you have to scroll down a little. :) Also, Janis’ door gets my vote – I find it vibrant and inviting. -Linda

    Meandering around Fair Lane Estate – Part II

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  2. Thank you, Dan, for running this challenge, and to all the contributors for your doors and stories! I have yet to read them all so please do not delete them even once May is over.

    In the second part of my post in the link below you will find three contributions: a story to the photo provided by Nina Lewis and two short poems to Dan’s pup photo and to Door 1 by Memadtwo. Thank you!!

    Birthday Thursday Doors 26/5/22 with three door stories


  3. Didn’t get Sam’s Place on the table to work but found the link below in comments. But my compliments to all the writers! I enjoyed an afternoon of reading on my extra day off :) Thanks!!

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  4. Hmmm…I note that here in my world it is almost 8:30PM on May 31; however, in WordPress world it is already June 1 and that’s the date on my post. I am quite sure that doesn’t confuse you as much as it confuses me.

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