Thursday Doors – Writing Challenge – 2023

Janis – Retirementally Challenged

Writing for the Third Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge has begun. If you want to join the fun, pick a door, write a story, poem, novel, screenplay, musical score – anything at all. Post your writing on your blog (or email it to me, if you don’t have a blog) and join the already growing list of writers in the table below. Since there were comments in the list from the photo entry process, I’ve included a link to the new comment box, just below the photos.

Writing Entry URLBlogger/WriterDoor Provider
Two Poems from GwenGwen M. Plano / Blog ReflectionsSherry Felix / Susan Rushton
Battered DoorMary, a.k.a. bikerchick57 / Mary J Melange Teagan R. Geneviene
The Inyan BeaconTeagan R. Geneviene – Teagan’s Books
Dan Antion – No Facilities
Teagan R. Geneviene
Pi Door, a Pilish PoemPatricia Furstenberg – Alluring CreationsPatricia Furstenberg
The Green DoorKerfe – Method Two MadnessManja – An Embarrassment of Riches
Steffie’s First MissionMarian AllenMarian Allen
A desert challenge. . .Gwen M. Plano / Blog ReflectionsMary, a.k.a. bikerchick57
Atonement in Zugzwang: Episode 10Teagan R. Geneviene – Teagan’s BooksBrenda – Thoughts of a Wanderer
HomewardDan Antion – No FacilitiesManja – An Embarrassment of Riches
Come to My WindowTeagan R. GenevieneDarlene Foster
Spain & a door poemManja MaksimovičSusan Rushton
EvasionsKerfe – Method Two MadnessTeresa
The Keeping SpaceCheryl Pennington – Dreaming ExistenceSusan Rushton
Steffie Serves It ColdMarian AllenMarian Allen
Inward; Outward – An ElfchenSuzette Benjamin – Suzette B’s BlogBrenda, Thoughts of a Wanderer
The Eden of our Own MakingMary J. Giese – Mary J MelangeSusan Rushton
Nostalgia – Haiku 2023Suzette Benjamin – Suzette B’s BlogSusan Rushton
Uncle OttoDan Antion – No FacilitiesMiriam Hurdle
May 16.23Oddments – In search of storyLois – On Pets and Prisoners
It’s My JobTeagan R. GenevieneTeagan R. Geneviene
Too many fish?Manja MaksimovičTeresa
The Third StoryKerfe – Method Two MadnessBrenda, Thoughts of a Wanderer
Cinquain MAY 18Cressida – Cressida de NovaBrenda, Thoughts of a Wanderer
Steffie Breaks the LawMarian AllenMarian Allen
wisdomThoughts Of An E’ville WomanDanStory
TD Writing Challenge #2Oddments – In search of storySusan Rushton
Finding the lightwordsbytessaSherry Felix
Designated DriverKim Smyth – Twisted Trunk TravelsCheryl Pennington
TD Writing Challenge #3Oddments – In search of storyTeagan R. Geneviene
The Other SideBrenda, Thoughts of a WandererTeagan R. Geneviene
New LifeBrenda, Thoughts of a WandererTeagan R. Geneviene
Billy Two SticksDan Antion – No FacilitiesWheat Salt Wine Oil
The Doors Behind the DoorsMiriam Hurdle – Showers of BlessingsKerfe
Home Sweet HomeJoAnna – Anything is Possible!Susan Rushton
Number What?Teagan R. GenevieneCheryl Pennington
UpManja MaksimovičBrenda, Thoughts of a Wanderer
Steffie Breaks the Law pt2Marian AllenMarian Allen
InterpolatedKerfe – Method Two MadnessWheat Salt Wine Oil
TroubleSuzette Benjamin – Suzette B’s BlogSherry Felix
At the top
Fake door
Robbie – Roberta Writes
Teagan R. Geneviene
Teagan R. Geneviene
Wheat Salt Wine Oil

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please click on an image to open the gallery, as some of the photos are in landscape mode and don’t display well in this gallery block. I chose a Block that displays the photos at uniform size in order to be fair.

If you are in a hurry and don’t wish to scroll through the comments, click to Jump to the comment form.


  1. You’ve already gotten a good start on the inspiration doors collection, Dan. Strangely my head is in a “western mashup” (as in movies) kind of place — which is strange, since I was never that into old westerns. So Mary J’s door is calling my name. The others are fabulous too. Hugs.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Thanks, Dan. I had some doubts about writing this because of the darkness. Many don’t want to know about it, and heaven knows there’s enough darkness in our lives right now, but my reaction to Teagan’s door was urgent and I had to go with it. This is why I rarely read any fantasy; it brings back life with dementia.

        Liked by 1 person

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