Thursday Doors – Writing Challenge – 2021

The First Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge began on April 27, 2021. The members of the Thursday Doors community have graciously contributed doors to be used as inspiration, and some eager writers have already started to work from this inspiration to produce stories and poems.

Since we already have some writers who have posted some content. I am listing the written works in the first list. I took the liberty of adding a title to some work that was untitled. Beneath that the list of source images. There is still plenty of time to be inspired and join this challenge. Written entries can be contributed until noon on May 29, 2021.

Author/BlogPost Link
Manja Mexi MexcessiveA door from a window
Beautiful Photographs Cold Comfort
Jennie Block TaylorA Deck of Doors
Marian AllenSteffie’s Half Measures
Janis at Retirementally ChallengedJust Passing Through
Butterfly Sand – Curiosity run amok . . .Little Doors
Marian Allen Steffie Makes The Sale
Marian Allen Steffie Makes the Sale – Part-2
Frank HubenyWe built them close…
OddmentsHigh School
Marian Allen Steffie at the Auto Shop
Brend’a ThoughtsMany Other Worlds
Prior HouseMomanita Lives On
Dan AntionI Wonder if He Knew

And here are the doors you can use for inspiration.

Blogger Offering Door(s)Post or Location
Dan Antion – No Facilities“Medieval setting for 21st century study” and “Peek-a-boo”
On display in Glastonbury Doors.
Sofia AlvesDoors and scene – “Doors galore! This is Guimarães, considered Portugal’s birthplace, has its centre classified as World Heritage Site”
Jean ReinhardtThursday Doors – Murlough Bay Cottages, County Antrim – The first image is a neat little house with a half door (also known as a Dutch door). It has the word Bothy written on it, which is a small dwelling left unlocked to be used as a refuge by travellers.
Pam – Butterfly SandThe image I am contributing is one of fancy. I won’t say anything more because I don’t want to sway anyone one way or another. I hope many people get involved with this challenge!
Manja Mexi MexcessiveManja has offered any of the doors in this post, or in any of her previous posts. Manja has hundreds (maybe thousands) of doors to choose from.
Marian Allen – Author LadyBehind the tiny door: “You are beautiful.” Even if you’re on the floor of the ladies’ loo.
Janis @ RetirementallyChallengedI found this door about three years ago while on an artists’ studio tour in Southern California’s high desert, not too far from Joshua Tree National Park.
Janet at sustainabiliteaFrom a California vacation in San Diego and in Redondo Beach – One of my daughter’s and my daily activities was taking a long walk, either by the beach or through neighborhoods with beautiful homes (and doors)…or both.
Katy Trail CreationsFallenstein house – a house built in the…1840s”. The property was one of the original lots of the city laid out by the 13 founders… He never owned this property, though. His descendants still own the oldest single family owned drug store in the United States.
Dr Alfred PrunesquallorThursday Doors – New Walk 4 – King Street joins New Walk by Welford Place. King Street was the location of several factories which have now been converted into apartments.


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